The Introduction to Our Weight Loss System

Wheel of Colour Weight Loss System is a Remedial Method utilizing Etheric Colour & Light to free Energy blocks from the Emotional, Mental, Physical, Spiritual Bodies, thus restoring each individual to a Higher State of Potential & Beingness- leading to a Deeper Experience of Love.

Using Vibrational Colour and Light, The Wheel of Colour helps release stored emotions that are restricted and blocked by unbalanced Energy.

Clearing for Happiness

The Human Body, which holds thought patterns and emotions – is also a storehouse for un-manifested fears, desires and the potentials of abundance.

Utilizing Frequencies of Colour, the body remembers these stored memories and patterns. Zenith Omega™ Energy helps release these stored cellular memories, bringing you more clarity about yourself, and others.

Being in a balanced state of your emotional, physical and mental bodies provides a more active experience and subsistence for yourself, your body, your relationships, and your career.

Wheel of Colour Weight Loss System is a Gift to Humanity with Outstanding Attributes & Virtues

In 1999, Wheel of Colour Weight Loss System was Introduced by Jerry Aldemore. With Six Levels, covering over 400 clearings, Wheel of Colour Weight Loss System indeed is a Jewel for Humanity.

With many individuals becoming aware of the use of Alternative Healing and the powerful effects of utilizing non-evasive forms to heal themselves, Wheel of Colour Weight Loss System is at the forefront for effectiveness, for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance and clarity.

Clearings range from Fear, Emotional Balance, Osteoporosis, Prostate, Healing Love, and Cancer to so much more. Zenith Omega™ is a multi-dimensional healing tool, which means that there are no limitations upon which healings can occur.

Wheel of Colour Weight Loss System relates to all of the bodies within the Human Being

The Physical body represents but one of the seven connected and interacting Energy bodies which make up a Human Being’s Energy Field.
Within your Energy Field, information is stored through personal experience. Your Energetic Body sends and receives this Energy stored as data.
Many accumulations of perception – past memories, rigid response patterns and the influences of society’s input manifest as disorders within your emotional, physical and mental bodies.

These perceptions accumulate within your Energetic body and block the flow of Source Energy – limiting your power.

Wheel of Colour Weight Loss Energy System helps to release stored and blocked Energy by utilizing colour and intention within the most refined levels of the Human Body – which holds thought patterns and emotions.

The effect of this ‘light/colour’ energy work ‘re-opens’ your Energetic Body’s Fields to receive an unobstructed flow of Balanced Energy. Wheel of Colour Weight Loss system re-establishes your perfect functioning as a Human Being – empowering your own self, living and creating in a balanced way as intended.

The Benefits You Can Get

“Clarity of Mind, Physical Health, Spiritual Integrity and Emotional Well Being – these are the attributes of Wheel of Colour”

  • An Increased Feeling & Sense of Well-Being
  • Clarity of Ideas & Purpose
  • More Self-Confidence & Personal Power
  • Greater Insight into One’s Self and Others
  • Physical Healing’s
  • Expansive Abilities
  • Restoration of Joy & Laughter in Life
  • Better Communication & Understanding in Relationships
  • Feeling Balanced & Centred in a Forever Deepening
  • Experience of Love

Clearing for Truth

Each energy vibrates at its rhythm, and together they make up the electromagnetic force field labeled the Human Being. It is this total electromagnetic force field that sends, receives and stores all data.

The physical body uses all seven of its bodies to gain access, to store, and process information. This information is stored not in the brain, but over the whole of the body field. Negative information stored in specific areas causes trigger points that are reactive and are felt in the physical as disorders. The emotional body seems to be the vehicle which triggers these blocks. Modern biologists have yet to isolate a biochemical that they can definitely label as ’emotion’. Genesis takes the position that emotions are part of the field, and are not chemical in nature, but are electrical or magnetic. It further takes the place that the subconscious mind, when accessed, will release these stored negatives, and re-program the field with positive alterations.

Emotions are perhaps the most critical activating and determining factors in the state of the physiological body. Observations of the body provide this clue: various emotions are an integral part of the psychological background of every psychosomatic, cellular, or atomic disorder and are experienced in mind as thoughts. The results of these thoughts may cause the somatic effect. This dual residency makes emotions a principal linking mechanism between the mind and the body in psychosomatic, somato-form, and conversion disorders.

The correlations between good physical and emotional health, and between a poor emotional state and poor health are well known. An excellent emotional state is a norm, or at least should be. When the body is in a good emotional state, it is nonreactive.

Emotions such as love, joy and self-esteem do not cause good health, because good health is the norm! However, when faced with bad or painful feelings the body reacts away from its normal, pleasurable state with a specific, definitive reaction which can trigger a state of poor health. The body responds against the painful internal effect by automatically contracting around the pain site.

Contractability is an automatic response to pain that is inherent in all living creatures. Every life designs from the bacteria to the person, answer to the interruption of endeavor by automatic tensing. It is this innate bodily reaction to somatic effects of these universally painful emotions that set the stage for emotionally rooted psychological disorders. The involuntary contraction, when triggered by the same emotion repeatedly, may imprint the Field, establishing a block in the energy flow to the site. The body then has a learned response pattern placed in the field.

These response patterns may manifest as problems, such as learning disabilities, dyslexia, addictions, diseases like cancer, heart disease, or AIDS. If one could see these blocks, they would appear much like cinders or kinks. And since energy is not stored, but a continuous flow, the fluidity of the flow can be restored by removing the kinks.” from Jan Mize’s “Genesis.”

Auric Chakra Balance

Bodies that are in harmony learn with ease and a sense of accomplishment. Successful learning manifests as trust in the individual’s future. The ability to overcome life’s challenges restores confidence in oneself and one’s ability to make decisions and choices wisely.

The future suddenly becomes unlimited and talents multiple. Everyday stress factors become unnecessary minor obstacles to be dispatched with ease. The individual becomes aware of a sense of wholeness, and the responsibility factor is restored and placed in proper perspective. Man as a whole complete being, working toward understanding his own nature and comprehension of consciousness.

When man’s ‘fields’ are clear and balanced at all levels he/she is once more empowered. The energy flow to a man from First Source provides light. Man, now empowered, finds the light to the path, the path that will lead him ever higher, ever closer to his/her Wheel of Colour.

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