How Often Should You Get a Dental Panoramic X-Ray?

Performing a panoramic X-ray every 3 to 5 years is a great way to monitor changes in the mouth over time. This includes tracking the movement of teeth and any bone abnormalities. Depending on the patient, some may need an X-ray every two years or even more frequently. The Panorex (Pan), which is a panoramic x-ray, is usually taken every 5 years.

If you come in for a dental emergency, our protocol is to take another sample from the affected area to identify the source of the problem. Professional dental organizations provide general guidelines on when x-rays should be taken. When getting a panoramic X-ray, the radiologist, dental assistant, or hygienist will place the head on a chin support and there may be small supports on the front and on the sides of the head. The procedure involves biting on a straw-like device while a scanner rotates around the head to take an image.

Although panoramic dental x-rays involve a small amount of exposure to radiation, radiation does not remain in the body after the procedure. When performed following safety precautions, such as placing lead aprons and neck collars on patients, dental x-rays are considered safe. In general, the amount of radiation you receive from dental x-rays is relatively small compared to natural background sources. A panoramic dental x-ray captures a single image that shows the teeth, jaws, and surrounding facial structures.

Modern dental x-rays use a very small amount of radiation and it's not something you need to worry about. Some clinics abroad will offer to reimburse you for the cost of panoramic dental radiography as part of your treatment. Importantly, for people seeking dental treatment abroad, a panoramic X-ray allows dentists to accurately assess their oral health status remotely and provide an estimate of the costs of their treatment plan. Dental x-rays are needed to identify hidden tooth decay, such as in the areas between the teeth or under old fillings and crowns.

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