Everything You Need to Know About Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays are an important part of maintaining good oral health. They allow dentists to diagnose dental conditions such as gum disease, tooth decay, abscesses, and dental injuries. Intraoral x-rays are the most common type of dental x-ray taken, and they provide a lot of detail. Bite x-rays are very common and are often taken for preventive purposes.

Periapical x-rays capture an image of the entire tooth, even just beyond the root of the tooth. Occlusal x-rays are designed to capture what is happening inside the roof or floor of the mouth. Panoramic X-rays use a special machine that takes an image of all the upper and lower teeth. Cephalometric projections are X-rays of one side of the entire head.

CBCT (computed tomography) or cone beam x-rays are a diagnostic imaging method that uses computerized technology to convert two-dimensional images into three-dimensional (3D) images. Dental charts, also called periodontal tables, are where your dental health professional records the condition of your teeth and gums.Bite x-rays are taken directly in the dental chair and can be used to locate the source of dental discomfort. Panoramic radiography is often used in preparation for major dental procedures, such as the placement of orthodontic appliances. Cephalometric projections can be used to diagnose any throat complications, such as lumps or cancer.

CBCT is used to diagnose major complications, such as jaw tumors, cysts, and sinusitis. Children may need dental x-rays more often than adults because their dentists may need to monitor the growth of their permanent teeth.Getting a series of dental x-rays actually uses less radiation than you would be exposed to during an airplane trip that lasts more than a few hours, or a day in the sun when you're at the beach. To receive discounts on services such as dental x-rays, consider joining a dental plan.

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